Become An ATSWA Student

ATSWA stand for, The Accounting Technicians Scheme West Africa. The programme is designed to produce middle level Accounting Technicians within the West African sub-region.

ATSWA Objectives

below is a summary objectives of ATSWA- Accounting Technical Scheme West Africa

To provide a recognised qualification for the accounting and auditing staff employed in the public sector, industry, commerce and in various offices or practicing accountantshelp meet the need for middle level accounting personnel in the economy especially for the accounting and finance departments of various government agencies and corporations.

The ATSWA syllabus is divided into 3 parts and each part consists of four (4) subjects.

AAT Certificate is awarded upon successfully completing the Accounting Technicians Scheme of West Africa (ATSWA) Examinations.

The duration for the completion of the 3 level examination is a minimum of 15 months for those with ordinary level certificate and 6to12 months for those with higher certificate but not a degree certificate. The examination takes place twice a year i.e. March and September.