A TikToker who went hugely viral saying she married her stepfather

A TikToker who went hugely viral saying she married her stepfather

A TikToker who went hugely viral saying she married her stepdad has baffled viewers by sharing the ‘real story’ about her husband

  • A video of a woman who said she married her stepdad was viewed 22.3 million times on TikTok.
  • Over 124,000 comments reacted to the upload and asked for more information.
  • In another video, she suggested her husband was in fact her late brother’s best friend, leaving viewers confused.

A woman went mega-viral on TikTok after she said she had married her stepdad, but went on to confuse viewers further, saying her husband was in fact her brother’s best friend.

On February 28, a TikToker who goes by the username @Christywho_ shared a video with the on-screen caption, “Marrying my step dad was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

@christywho_ #vegas #marryyourmomsex #itsworthit #marriage #agegap  It’s Called: Freefall (Sped Up) – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

The upload, which was viewed over 22.3 million times, showed a man hugging a woman who had her legs wrapped around him as they stood and kissed. In the background, two women could be seen taking photos of the couple in front of a flower arrangement, while a man in a suit smiled and clapped as he watched on.

The TikTok, which included the hashtags #vegas, #marryyourmomsex#agegap, and #itsworthit in the caption, received over 124,000 comments, many of which reacted with shock and confusion.

“My jaw dropped,” one viewer wrote in a comment liked 62,300 times. “No side eye here I’m full on head straight judging,” another comment read which received 14,100 likes.

Some viewers asked for more detail and further clarification on the event. “Am I the only wondering how your mom is doing?” asked one viewer in a comment that was liked over 3,000 times. “There’s 7 billion people in the world why?” asked another, receiving over 9,000 likes.

Many TikToker users stitched and duetted the video, appearing shocked by the story — one uploader‘s silent reaction received over 103,000 views.

The video also made its way to Twitter where a user who goes by @Maladroithe shared a screenshot of the original video on February 27, in a tweet that was viewed over 700,000 times and received 207 quote tweets, including one from a user who wrote, “can someone unplug the internet please? I don’t want it anymore.”

On March 2, the TikToker shared a follow-video which received 391,000 views, writing she wanted to “clear some things up” in an on-screen caption. She then went on to use captions to respond to questions, saying she was not groomed, she wasn’t raised by her stepdad, she wasn’t a minor when she met him, and she still talks with her mom.

@christywho_ This filter is insane ???????????? plz leave my kids and unalived brother out of this. #agegap  Love – kouz1

But viewers appeared to be left even more confused, with many asking the TikToker to post a storytime video detailing the backstory to the marriage.

On March 3, the user shared a video that started with the on-screen caption, “How our real story went.”

In the one-minute upload, which received over 217,000 views, she said her brother had died in a motorcycle accident and she became close with his best friend, eventually becoming a couple and having children.

The video then showed the viral scene of the couple hugging, alongside the on-screen caption, “Got married in Vegas so we could have a wedding later down the road.” The caption alongside the video read, “Not as interesting as the other story but now y’all can leave my kids and brother alone.”

@christywho_ Not as interesting as the other story but ???? now y’all can leave my kids and brother alone ???? . #agegap #vegas #marryyourmomsex #itsworthit #brother #rip  Dandelions (slowed + reverb) – Ruth B. & sped up + slowed

The video attracted over 300 comments with many still baffled by what the real story was. “I’m real sorry for your loss and this is cute but it really doesn’t explain how he’s ur stepdad either,” a comment read which received 786 likes.

However, some viewers took it to mean the original, viral video was simply untrue. “He is NOT her step-dad. It was a JOKE that unexpectedly went viral,” one commenter wrote and received 764 likes.

In a comment beneath her own video, the creator wrote, “Didn’t expect the video to blow up as much as it did.”

The TikToker has over 112,800 followers on the app, and posts videos that appear to show her spending time with her family, including a montage vlog of her Vegas wedding.

After initially responding to Insider’s request for comment, the creator did not provide a comment for publication clarifying the situation and did not respond to multiple follow-up requests.

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