Central role Accountancy play in Organization 

Central role Accountancy play in Organization 

When you hear the word central, what comes to your mind? Does it in anyway mean to you a core or an integral part of something. Yes of course, the word “central” if decoded from this article stands for major. Major in this article is an important or integral area of something. Put together, we may therefore say that accountancy is the most integral area of man ordinary business life.

Now let us quickly circle out our fore conscious thought, is accountancy the central role in an organization?

After checking out on some few good ends best in relationship with man and his ordinary business life, we could believe that accountancy provides reliable financial information upon which critical business decisions are made

They formulate financial plans for organisations in both the public and private sectors and use accounting and business management skills to set up and maintain financial policies. 

Increasingly, accountants are working as financial and business partners offering advisory services rather than being seen more simply as ‘number crunchers’ to the ‘wealth creators’.

There are two main types of accountants:

  • Chartered Accountants usually work with multiple clients and conduct audits, record and report on financial trends and offer business advice.
  • Management Accountants work within one organisation looking to its future financial plans.

Within chartered accountancy, the Big Four (Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC) recruit high numbers of graduates each year. There are also a significant number of other large firms that recruit into training positions as well as small and medium-sized firms providing excellent opportunities for graduates.

Graduates will usually apply to work in a specific office and many firms, including the Big Four, have locations across the UK. There are good reasons to consider applying to the regional offices, for example, if you are interested in a particular industry or sector that is strongly represented in a region, this may well be served from the regional office. Tactically, although the largest offices tend to be in London, these attract the most competition and fill up fastest. This means that if you are looking for an entry level position later in the recruitment cycle, there will be more opportunities in regional offices – including offices close to London such as Cambridge, Crawley, Milton Keynes, Reading or St. Albans.

In management accountancy, large multinational organisations provide the most coveted training positions, with potential employers including the leading firms in water, gas, electricity, pharmaceuticals, retailing, consumer goods manufacturing and transport. There are also opportunities to train as an accountant in the public sector with various schemes, including those run by the Civil Service, local government and the NHS.

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